Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's crazy how the week gets so far ahead of me and its already Thursday and I still havent posted about our fun weekend! We started the weekend off by bbq-ing with our good friends Shan & Danny. Or as Ty would say, Shanny and Dan. Shan made us a delicious dinner with the best broccoli I've ever had IN MY LIFE. So yummy. Then we had caramel apple smores (of course Shan's idea), they were delicious!

-cinnamon graham crackers
-thinly sliced green apples

Then Saturday when I got off work, Ty picked me up and we went straight to Idaho to my grandparents cabin. The whole fam damily was there. All six of my mom's siblings, which rarely happens. Did I mention there was like 27 dogs?? Not really but it felt like it! It was so much fun! I had had a pretty crazy week so of course I slept for most the time but whats new? I swear when the weekend gets here I crash and I can't help it. Anyway, we had fun visiting with everyone and watching all the silly children play and wrestle, and of course we ate a ton, and did some shooting. Not gonna lie, I was a natural with those guns. Scary? A little! On our way home there was a CRAZY driver ahead of us when we hit Tremonton and we never do this but we decided to call the police. We were afraid he was honestly going to cause a major accident. Long story short it ended up being a high-speed chase! Ty and I saw like 15 cop cars all over the valley, blocking off roads and chasing this guy. Luckily we had made that phone call! The police thanked us for calling and had us fill out statements. It was quite the exciting night!
Monday, we barbequed with the Feulner's and Anderson family and went and saw Kung Fu Panda 2. Riggsy is obsessed, to say the least, with the first panda so naturally we had to take him to the second, and he loved it. I love that little guy!
The weekend was so fun and it was so nice to not have work, I didn't want it to end.

Probably the worst picture ever taken! Look at Shan's cutest belly, doesn't she look amazing?

Roadie treats

Ty's such a show-off!

Biggest gun ever. Handmade by papa West

Mamma rob, so tall and slender

we're pretty hard core

Hahaaa love my pops

Kinda hard to tell whats happening but this is Ty filling out his statement and loving every second!

cutest little Riggsy

Mom+sisters+Riggs at panda