Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life lately...

I love summer and how busy it keeps us but that means not a lot of time to blog! Here is a PICTURE OVERLOAD of what we have been doing!

Jill and Gavin's wedding! love them

Lots of juicing at our house!

Trek ma and pa!!

Sushi date night

Beautiful Sunday hikes

Friend BBQ's. Girls take pictures while the boys play bad mitten

Happy birthday to my pretty little bf

Jill's darling bridal shower, we have the greatest friends!

FOOTBALL season is beginning!!!! I love fall!

Celebrated savi and my birthday, and the fun cake I made her

My amazing birthday with the best husband ever who made me the most delicious dinner!

Lots and lots of babies! Savannah Wolfgramm, Andilyn Farnsworth, Beckham Reeder, and my cutest little cousin Colten.

I hope you all are having an amazing rest of the summer. I might be jumping the gun but I can not wait for FALL!!! Boots, scarves, pumpkins, candles, football, leaves, halloween. hot chocolate, rain and rain clouds. Can't wait!