Monday, April 18, 2011


Our honeymoon was a dream. Jamaica was unreal! We stayed at the sandals resort on Montego Bay. When I say stayed, I literally mean stayed. We never left the resort, we were perfectly content with everything we had there:

Pools, hot tubs, yummiest breakfast buffets, lots of yummy restaurants to choose from, snorkeling, kyaking, food at any time of the day (came in handy when we'd get a jamaican patty craving at 3 am. GROSS), lots and lots of entertainment (mostly all the drunks), cabanas, a beautiful island, the love of my life and the beach. Notice food was the focus, whats wrong with me?! Anyway, it was absolutely beautiful and the best weather we could ever ask for. I can't wait to go back!

Beautiful Jamaica

Our favorite... CABANAS!!!

I would often find Ty juggling in the courtyard

in love

sideways picture of Ty modeling

Our cabana girl Nicole! Boy was she great!

Oh how I loved the gingerale. And this handsome man.

Sad to leave!


  1. Umm can you say HEAVEN? Wow!! It look so beautiful and dang gina... you have such a rockin bod! Love you and Tyler!

  2. amaaaazing! i am so jealous and you guys look amazing, so happy for you guys! and you need to come see cade and meet mo!