Monday, May 30, 2011

As of late...

Life at the Feulner household has been crazy busy with all the girls camp planning, trek planning, work, showers, family, softball and basketball for the hubs and in every second of spare time....Grey's Anatomy. But we are so excited its summer!

Mamma Rob helping me make the girls camp tent banners

Ty and I potted some pretty flowers for our front porch, lets hope we can keep them alive!

Ty might've got hit square in the funny bone with a softball

Crafts and Baby showers!

Enjoying some antique shops/thrift stores

LOVE my bestie little sav.

Both brothers won they're spring fling, good job boys!
Its dangerous having Planet Yogurt in walking distance from our house

OBSESSED with these 3 little silly's!

On season 3 and going strong!
These two lovelies got hitched and we couldn't be happier for them!


  1. The first to post on your blog! Love what you've done with the place... Girls getaway, yes. Those tent banners are going to be cute. those little ones better be grateful. love you

  2. Love all of it mckall! Savvy is such a doll! We need to see her and you!!!! Wish we were going to camp together! Love you!