Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girls Camp!

I know I am posting this so late but life has been so crazy around the Feulner household these last couple months! I had the privilege of being girls camp director this year for the most AMAZING young women ever! I don't think I had any idea how much work girls camp was but it totally paid off and we had such a great time. Our theme was, "Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition", and it was such a reminder to me that throughout life we need these "spiritual makeovers" to make us better. The girls have the strongest, most touching testimonies and I am so grateful for them and their examples to me. I love you girls!! Thank you Sandlin's for letting us stay at your beautiful cabin in Oakley. Here are a few GC pics...

Thank you dad for bringing up the canoes, we had a blast!!

Bunkhouse where the girls slept I loved having my mom and sav there for her first girls camp!

We are totally normal

Dont we look like we belong on Extreme Makeover?

love you mom, couldn't have done it without you!!

And a HUGE shoutout to the best husband in the whole world (who was at camp the whole time) for helping me pull this off! I wouldn't be surprised if they called him to be camp director next year!

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  1. McKall... you are so freaking cute. I bet you were the best camp director EVER!!!!!! You're great.